Barbara Körner has been working with strong brands for over 25 years. She has travelled around the globe for years, experienced many different cultures and used this experience and understanding in her work.

IKEA – Furniture retailer IKEA Germany, Wallau
NORDSEE - Restaurant chain, Bremerhaven
Fielmann - Optician chain, Hamburg
Inter IKEA Systems, Netherlands

Each of these brands is characterized by:

  • clear strategic planning
  • consistent brand management, in which employees are involved
  • open and motivating training

Despite different focuses and different products, they all have one goal: to be successful on the market and connected to the consumer.

Barbara Körner significantly influenced the development of these companies through her analyses, her openness and her ability to find solutions. Her specialty is to strategically align a brand emotionally and thus bring it closer to people.

Foto von Barbara Köerner