IKEA Germany

Barbara started her career at IKEA Germany as Communications Manager. She was responsible for developing the brand identity nationally, with particular focus on markets where new IKEA stores were opened. At that time, IKEA Germany set the trend for the entire IKEA brand internationally; communication material developed by IKEA Germany was reused throughout Europe and communication concepts were adapted and implemented worldwide.

For example, the iconic IKEA blue bag, which serves as a powerful IKEA trademark, was conceived and developed by Barbara K├Ârner.

In 1994, Barbara was hired as press spokesperson for IKEA Germany and took on the task of PR manager to establish a new PR department.

She developed an open and strong crisis management model, in response to crises triggered by reports related to, for example, formaldehyde in products or child labor. The model is still used across IKEA today.

The international orientation of the company required worldwide marketing of the product range and corporate culture. Projects such as IKEA events to support  the Milan and Cologne furniture fairs were developed and accompanied.

After a decade of Swedish corporate culture and marketing in the furnishing retail industry, Barbara switched to the restaurant-retail business.